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On a RMK (State Forest Management Centre) camp site located on a protected area with a table and seats, a neat bonfire place and a toilet we will install large heated army tents, an outdoor kitchen unit, a car sauna and lighting operated by an electric generator. Whether we will put up a smaller tent meant for up to 20 people or a larger party tent suitable for up to 60 people depends on the number people in your group. All tents are fitted with furnaces. Depending on the weather and the intensity of heating, the temperature inside the tent will remain between 15 to 20 degrees.

The forest camp is especially exotic and exciting in winter. The floors of the sleeping tents will be covered with fir branches, which, in turn, will be covered with sleeping mats. Provided that the tents are heated regularly and carefully they will be as warm as your own bedroom. The pleasant smell of fir branches and the enjoyable crackling sound coming from the furnace will create a thoroughly mysterious and pleasant feeling.
It is also very pleasant to sit outside around the bonfire and sip some tea with rum.
For sauna-lovers we will transport an car sauna built on the basis of GAZ 66 to the campsite. We will park the sauna right next to the body of water so that you can jump out into the refreshing water after the sauna if you wish.

Naturally, we will set up an outdoor kitchen unit as well. For dinner we will serve a hearty wild roast dish,  night-time pints of beer can be enjoyed with garlic bread or chicken wings and for breakfast we will offer you pancakes and jam. Coffee and tea are available for everyone to enjoy both in the morning and in the evening.

In conclusion, we can assure you that the forest camp is not as extreme as it might seem at first. Throughout the years, more than 60 groups have stayed in the woods with us and so far we have not received any negative feedback. 

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