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Adventure Games
Adventure Games

Period: 12 months a year.

Number of participants: 10 -800.


We have arranged team adventure games all over Estonia, from Vilsandi island to the City of Pärnu. The only requirement is to have a suitable playground, which means that our adventures can be held at most of Estonian holiday camps or tourism farms. The remotest corners where our games have been held (for TV shows on TV3) are Malaysia and Canary Islands. Our team adventures are perfect for after-seminary or after-training entertainment and teambuilding. The humorous and lusty activities are great for establishing closer contacts between participants.

About our adventure games:

During more than 10 years in business, we have invented a number of cool team games and pinpointed the best adventure games for each occasion. Our basic rules are that games should not be physically demanding, but should require good teamwork and creativity. Our system is also suitable for providing simultaneous active entertainment to larger groups. We will divide your party into teams of 5-15 and keep them occupied for up to three hours.
There are three general types of adventure games. The first are so-called team games and the second are orienteering games. By combining the two, we are able to provide versatile quality entertainment to all participants of your summer days or any other event. Our selection also includes a bunch of fun and humorous individual competitions. Those will usually take place towards the end when passive crowds are already off to their chairs and beers, but more active participants would like to continue.

Team games:
The playfield is divided into bases (up to 10).
Each base shall accommodate one to ten parallel game elements for the teams. The number of bases and game elements depends on the number of participants. The more participants, the more bases and the less games.
One or two teams will be stationed at each base. After solving their task, teams will move to the next base by rotation.
It may sound complicated, but all of it has been proven in reality. It's all right if you can't see yourself in such a game right away. Trust us, we can. The game elements used at different bases include labyrinths, tetrises, rockthrowers, potato cannons, inflatable boats, electric worms, ball grooves etc.
We will naturally observe weather forecasts for each event and choose the game elements accordingly. After all, you can only engage in wet activities in the summer when it's hot.
Our photo gallery might also provide some clues.

Orienteering games:
Orienteering games are held in nature close to the hotel, in a holiday camp or tourism farm.
Track length is usually 2-3 kilometres and it will take a team 1-1.5 hours to finish. Our orienteering is not a time contest and running is not required. Team members are usually of different age and physical shape, so we aim to ensure maximum comfort for all participants.
The success and rank of a team will be determined by the orienteering results and an additional task. Details of the additional task will be gathered on the track.
One of our orienteering games is a GPS quiz. Each checkpoint has a question on your group, company or a general theme, with three choices for an answer. A correct answer will lead to the next point, while an incorrect one will take you back to the previous one.
Another orienteering game is our very creative "The wise (wo)man returns". "And what happens to the unwise," you might wonder. No, they won't be left out in the woods, we will bring them back too.
The attributes of this game are a large map and a rucksack. A number of points will have been marked on the map and you will find others during the game. The contents of the rucksack will be of assistance. In it you will find a rope, a hanger, a divider, a compass, drinking water, a ruler, a rock and much more. What to use and how, you will find out during the game.

Individual games:

While team games and orienteering games are meant for the entire group then taking part of the individual games is voluntary. These games will usually spur the interest of the most energetic and active among you.

Once again, your success will have nothing to do with raw physical strength and stamina. Everyone will have equal opportunities to win, regardless of their weight and age.

We can, for instance, offer you such exciting games as "The Slower (Wo)Man will get Their Pants Wet" or "The Water Quiz" both of which we have invented ourselves and which have proven to be really popular among our clients. In addition, you can try your hand at an all-round competition, boot throwing, crutch racing, wet balloon throwing and much more. There is also a shooting range available for shooting enthusiasts in a more secluded area of the playfield. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors you can try using bows, crossbows and airsoft guns. The latter are basically fully automatic air arms that are identical to actual firearms. Our collection includes AK-47s as well as their direct competition M-16s.

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