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4x4 Van Adventure
4x4 Van Adventure

It takes all kinds – for some, buse rides are the natural part of their everyday lives but for others even the sole idea of using public transportation classifies as an adventure. But our 4x4 van adventure is worth to be tried by seasoned bus riders as well as everyday car drivers because the bus is special and so is the adventure. In office slang the event could be described as a "team building exercise". The means of transportation used are 4-wheel drive UAZ mini vans that 8-member teams will have to drive through exciting Kõrvemaa terrain, solving tasks that are just as tricky as those meant for true scouts. The hint as to what the tasks could be all about is given by the gear found on the bus: a saw, an axe, a compass, a pencil, matches, a shovel, an orienteering map and a metal detector. Despite the first impression, you'll not be asked to cut down the forest throughout the night or wander around mine fields but you'll definitely have to use your wits - to save your strength.


Period: 12 months a year.

Number of participants: 7 – 30.

Location: Tracks are located around Aegviidu in a 30-kilometre radius in the Põhja-Kõrvemaa landscape reserv. Aegviidu town is located 60 km from Tallinn.

Duration: 4 – 6 hours.

The Van Adventure is a motorised adventure game with good teamwork training potential. The aim is to beat competition in a race on our pre-planned route and finish at a picturesque Põhja-Kõrvemaa lake. Soviet UAZ 4x4 minivans are provided for the race. As the area used to be a Soviet army practice ground, its naturally beautiful and diverse landscape features a dense network of irregular roads. Most of the roads are abandoned and therefore unkept and occasionally in very poor (or, as far as we are concerned, excellent) condition. Those are the roads for our adventure. In view of the conditions, 4x4 vehicles are very necessary for successful completion.
Each minivan has up to 8 seats.
A "legend book" will be provided for navigation. A given page in the book will lead you to the first checkpoint. You will find a task in the checkpoint and solving it will provide another number. The new number refers to another page to guide you on the route. And so on, through all checkpoints.
Tasks are varied but each solution will generate another page number.
Some tasks can be quite challenging.
Just for clue, each van has the following equipment on board:
a saw, an axe, a compass, pencils, matches, a shovel, an orienteering map and a metal detector. At start, we will divide your company into teams and guide you through the essentials of the game. Each team will then appoint its driver (category B driver's licence is sufficient).
An equally or even more important team member is the navigator. He/she will be in charge of checking the legend book to find the right way. The rest of the team will be responsible for solving tasks at checkpoints.
An exciting and emotional extra is a brief hike through a bog, using a map and a compass. There you will eventually reach a boardway leading to the destination.
The purpose of the hike isn't simply boot-wearing but finding a necessary page number.
The game will take approximately 3 to 6 hours, the actual duration will depend upon you. The driver's speeding skills are unimportant in this game. The decisive factors are orientation, task solving speed and precision. In case you find completing the tasks absolutely nerve-wrecking you can also use a few lifelines, the easiest of which is calling a friend. This friend can be anyone, including our tripleader Riks.
The route ends at a RMK (State Forest Management Centre) campsite. We may then have a picnic and head back, or stay for longer. In the latter case, we will have set up large heated army tents and brought in a sauna vehicle and a field kitchen. Entertainment and accommodation will be provided on site. We would then head back the next morning, after pancakes and coffee.

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