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Amphibian ATV Safari
Amphibian ATV Safari

Location: The initial meeting-place is at the Nelijärve Holiday Centre.

Description: During the safari you will be able to use 1 to 3 Argo amphibious ATVs. Each vehicle has 6 seats, 5 for you and 1 reserved for our tripleader. At the beginning of the safari our tripleaders will introduce to you all the necessary safety requirements. The amphibious ATVs will be mostly driven by our tripleaders since the methods of conducting are similar to those of a caterpillar tractor and can thus be somewhat tricky for regular passenger car drivers. Not being able to drive the ATVs yourself might seem a bit "lame" but we can assure you that this is not the case since only a very experienced driver knows how to take full advantage of the vehicles' capacity. We will take you for an approximately 3-hour-long drive in the hills, bogs and forests near the Nelijärve Holiday Centre. The lanes we will be driving on will provide enough excitement and diversity for everyone to enjoy. Our clients often compare the experience to "taking a trackless rollercoaster ride".
In case there are more than 15 people interested in the safari, we can offer you a combined safari package. In such a case you will be using also regular ATVs. At certain points along the safari ride we will make brief stops and rotate the teams.

Gear: We can offer you rainsuits if needed. We advise you to wear such clothes to the safari that you do not mind getting dirty.

The amphibious ARGO ATV has proven itself as a reliable off-road vehicle in some of the world's most remote regions. Therefore, they are capable to undertake the new kind of adventurous nature trips of moving on the earth or on a wet and marshy terrain of Estonia, to go where it has not previously been possible, to see surroundings from a completely new point of view. Going by ARGO is some compromise between the movement on foot and driving. Moving up to 35 km per hour does not enable speedy, adrenaline-like practice as by the ATV. Using the complicated and marshy tracks do not assume the speed. In certain circumstances, even 10 km per hour can provide a genuine experience. The trip by ARGO is a sociable activity. One 6x6 or 8x8 ARGO ATV vehicle seats up to 5 passengers plus one of our drivers. Whether it be hunting, fishing or bush trekking, more and more users are discovering the numerous recreational benefits of ARGO. The lack of any kind of walls keep the direct contact with the surrounding environment. Upon seeing something exciting, one can simply step out over the side in every direction and examine the matter more closely.

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