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Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari

Period: 12 months a year.

Number of participants: 4 - 100. We will be able to dispatch up to 20 vehicles at a time.

Duration: 3 – 24 hours

Location: Tracks are located about 60 kilometres from Tallinn in the Põhja-Kõrvemaa landscape reserve, in a 50-kilometre radius around Aegviidu

Description: Most of the current Põhja-Kõrvemaa landscape reserve is a former Soviet army practice ground. As a result, its naturally beautiful and diverse landscape is covered with a dense network of irregular roads. Most of the roads are abandoned and therefore unkept and occasionally in very poor (or, as far as we are concerned, excellent) condition. Those are the roads for our adventure.

You will be divided into teams at start. Each vehicle has up to 5 seats.

Our tripleaders will provide jeep-driving guidance because you will be driving the vehicles yourself. Our drivers will be available for an extra fee.

The convoy will be headed by one of our guides. The track features exciting off-road challenges as well as picturesque natural sites. We will be making stops to enjoy fabulous bog and lake views. The stops will also be a perfect opportunity to change drivers. At one point, we will reach an official off-road site specially prepared by the State Forest Management Centre where you can test your off-road skills and take the jeeps to their limit. At other times, however, we will stick to the existing roads, or what used to be roads.

A hearty picnic at some beautiful campsite will be available at your request. The safari may last anywhere between three hours to several days. We may also bring large army tents and a field kitchen and spend the night at a lakeside somewhere.

A GAZ 66-based mobile sauna will be available at your request.

Just select the duration and difficulty level for your safari, and we will take care of the rest.

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