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Emajõe Suursoo is a bogland in the Emajõgi delta and on the shores of lake Peipsi at the eastern border of the Republic of Estonia. It ranges about 30 km North to South and 18 km East to West and covers an area of approximately 25 000 hectares. Suursoo includes seven lakes and 116 mineral earth islands. Its area is 61% fen, 31% transient and 8% bog. There are some 80 bog islets of various sizes and the average elevation is 30,8 - 31,3 metres above sea level. The area has been inhabited in earlier periods, as proven by the 4000-year old Akali settlement uncovered beneath 3 metres of peat on one of the mineral earth islands. Central areas of the bog remain 20-30 cm below water during high water seasons, with a total of 7000 hectares inundated. The high water season lasts for a month. Marshy Piirissaar island on the Estonian eastern border and the coastal reedbeds and plains of Lake Peipsi provide great nesting and feeding conditions for numerous bird species – including white-tailed, golden and spotted eagles, ospreys, black storks, swans, ducks, snipes, bitterns and corncrakes. Most of the bogland lies within the Emajõe Suursoo bog protection area, founded in 1981 to conserve, protect and research the brooks and lakelets in the Emajõgi River delta and the rare bird, animal and plant species there.

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