28.05.2022  20:53

Holidays on water have been always attractive. However, many people don’t own a boat or prefer to avoid the hassle of transporting it. The solution is taking a canoe-tour or renting a canoe. There are plenty of rivers and lakes to discover by canoe in Estonia, and each of them has a different face and is interesting in its own way.

Matkad.ee offers you canoe trips on the following rivers – Vihterpalu, Keila, Jägala, Valgejõgi, Ahja, Võhandu and Kasari. For adventure-seekers we are ready to explore any other interesting domestic water.


The nerve-tickle and adrenaline-seekers should plan their tour during the spring floods, when the rapids are foaming and the river streams speedy. Keep in mind that an unexpected underwater- stone or log might skilfully turn over your canoe and give you a dip in a time of year when you wouldn’t even dream about swimming. But this is part of the fascination of canoe tours and if you have some spare dry clothes packed away water-proof, this will not temper your spirits. On the contrary – there will be something to remember and to tell to your grandchildren about.


For simply relaxing on canoe tours with children or friends, summertime is best. The sun shines and the water in the rivers is warm and even might incite you to find a pretext to turn over your canoe. It’s the ideal time for camping - we have plenty of great camping-grounds on the banks of our rivers. A light picnic, fishing, short stops to collect forest berries or to have a look on the moor passing by, the evening fire in the tent-camp, the rays of the rising sun touching the dewy grass – these moments will make you forget all your everyday worries and to feel that life is really worth living.


Nature-lovers and romantics will naturally look forward to this season of the year. Thousands of colors, crisp air and endless silence – all this will refill you with energy for the forth-coming darkness of winter. Nature emanates a special cocktail of scents, and if you make a small stop in a quiet river bend, with some luck you’ll find a handful of mushrooms from the nearby forest to prepare yourself a tasty dinner.

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